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Welcome to my Mercantile! Home to modern Folk Art figurines and Primitive inspired Home Decor and accessories.







noun: mercantile; plural noun: mercantiles


a general store.

"we walked to the local mercantile"



My name is Kimberly and I love to make things. I haven’t really met a craft I didn’t like, a few I think is best left to the Masters, but it doesn’t stop me from buying a few skeins of lovely soft yarn every year or so.


For the past coming on ten years I have primarily worked with polymer clay and paper clay. Sculpting everything from jewelry pieces to figurines. I also paint, as well as design fabric for use in quilting and other projects. My fabric designs can be found on under the name PumpkinTreeLane but I may offer up sets here in the future.


When I have time to myself, I am a self confessed fabric hoarder and sometimes quilter. My favorite time of year is Autumn and I start counting down to Halloween on November 1st. My family is my life. We are a bit geeky and I just love it. I currently reside in the Bay Area of California with my husband, three lovely girls, a dog and two cats.


Thanks for stopping by, hope to ‘see’ you again soon.